Saturday, March 13, 2010

Monkeying around

Did you watch the Oscars the other night? Did you watch the tributes? Did you notice Farrah Fawcett was not even mentioned? I couldn't believe it! She deserved a tribute just like the rest of them. She shared her beauty and talent with us for years, even documenting her last days. Did you ever see her in the "Burning Bed"? Far cry from Charlie's Angels but she was good, real good in that movie. And the hair...she gave us all the hair! C'mon Oscar, get it together!
Okay...enough of my ranting. I'm done. No more will be said about it.

Today I'm sharing a page of my DH and DS who seem to always (and I mean always) be goofing around. These pics called for Dustin Pikes svg file All Monkeys. You will find it at . I love, love, love this set! And they are so easy to piece together.  For the corner vines I copied in SCAL and welded together to give me the corner. The lettering was done with SCAL. Gotta love that program! Thanks for looking.

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